Science 10 Info.


Welcome to Science 10!

To see grades, click on the tab that says "RMS & Progress Reports". Then click on the link that takes you to the RMS website. From here you can sign in and view grades for ALL classes (not just Science).

If you're not sure how to sign in, contact the school office.
*Remember - every time a new Progress Report is posted online, students have also been given a paper copy of their Progress Report.

Getting rid of zeros can help increase your overall grade!
If you see 0% for an assignment, please remind students that they are allowed to hand in any 3 late assignments for the semester with no penalty deductions.  

As you can see from my homepage, there are some other useful items available online as well.  There is a tab for homework and another one for tests.  The information on these is updated on a daily basis.  So instead of the usual "Are you done your homework? - Yes", you can ask them to "Show me your homework that is done".  You'll actually know what to be looking for because it's outlined on my webpage.  

As well, if you click on the tab for "Flashcards" and follow the instructions, it will take you to an online website called "Quizlet" where I have posted an entire set of flashcards for every chapter in the textbook.  So, instead of the usual "Did you study for your test? - Yes", you can actually quiz them with some of the flashcards.  There is even a "Test" button you can click on that will generate a practice test - and then the computer marks it for you! 

There is even an APP students can use to study the flashcards on their cell phones!

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!