Science 24 Info.


Welcome to Science 24!

To see grades, click on the tab that says "RMS & Progress Reports". Then click on the link that takes you to the RMSS website. From here you can sign in and view grades for ALL classes (not just Science).

If you're not sure how to sign in, contact the school office.
*Remember - every time a new Progress Report is posted online, students have also been given a paper copy of their Progress Report. 

Getting rid of zeros can help increase the overall grade!
Please encourage students to hand in missing assignments from the unit we are currently working on.  Go to the "Science 24 Homework" tab for info. on assignments.  You can also email me if students are not sure what the assignment is or how to do it.
NOTE:  The FINAL DEADLINE for assignments in each unit is the day of the unit exam.

Being better prepared for tests will help bring up grades, too!  Each chapter has a Notes Handout (in duotang) that we go over in class.  Click on the "Science 24 Test" tab for more info. on dates of tests .

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!